Hard drive crashes can be scary events. When your hard drive crashes, you may worry about recovering your important files and data. Whether you have valuable business documents or cherished family photos on your hard drive, you want to get them back. Backing up your hard drive is very important and eliminates the risk of data loss in the event of a hard drive crash. Always make sure that you keep 2 copies of your data on different media and in different locations, so that you never have to risk losing your valuable data. However, if you have gone through a hard drive crash, there are ways to recover your data. Let’s take a look at some of them.

Your options for data retrieval depend on what caused your hard drive crash. There are essentially two different types of hard drive failures - software and hardware. Regardless of what it is, you may end up needing to see a data recovery company to have your hard drive looked at, fixed, and your data recovered. A software hard drive crash occurs when your computer simply can’t read the files off your hard drive. This may be caused by random software errors or corrupted files. However, the hard drive still functions normally and none of the hardware is broken, just the data can’t be read. With a hardware crash, some physical part of the hard drive breaks. A hard drive is made up of a spinning metal platter, on which all of the data is stored. When there is a hardware error, your data usually remains intact on the metal platter, but wither the spinning mechanism or the head that reads the data off the platter breaks.

Regardless of which error type you have, you will probably want to consider taking your computer to a data recovery specialist who can do emergency data recovery. How a data recovery lab fixes your hard drive depends on the type of crash. If it is a software error, then they have special software they can run on another computer to fix it. Usually the data recovery specialist will take the broken hard drive, and put it in a working computer. The computer then runs the recovery software, which thoroughly searches your hard drive, and makes repeated attempts to read each file. This can take a while, but it makes sure that it has carefully gotten off every piece of data that it is possible to recover.

If you have a hardware error, then the data recovery company will have to take the hard drive into a special data recovery lab, where they open the hard drive and fix the broken piece, so that it can spin again and the data can be read. This is a tedious and delicate process, and it can be quite expensive. However, if you need emergency data recovery so you don’t lose important data, then this may be your only option.