My wife and I were reminiscing about our early years the other day. We’ve always had a soft spot for action-thriller and science-fiction movies. In fact, one anniversary we went to see the romantic comedy “Alien versus Predator.” We talked about some of the movies we saw before the kids were born and one that still brings tears to my eyes was “Jaws.” I think I still have bruises from where she gripped my arm. One of the things I remember most was the ominous music that played whenever the shark was about to attack. You knew something was going to happen that was fierce and dreadful.

So, what does that have to do with computers? Just like in the movies, there are certain sounds that warn us of impending disaster. A clicking or grinding noise emanating from the hard drive may not signal a shark attack, however it should warn the computer owner that the drive is about to fail. It is highly recommended to immediately stop using the drive.

Additionally, there are other warning signs of impending drive failure. If programs take extremely long to start or you get a lot of error messages, it could be signaling that the system files are corrupted or that there are many bad sectors on the drive.

We specialize in data recovery here at The Data Rescue Center. Our recovery engineers are highly trained in the process of disk file recovery. Whether it is Windows or Mac data recovery, retrieving missing files for our clients is our main business.

Before you hear the sounds of impending doom, get your data backed up. But, if you lose your files you can count on us to help in an emergency.