$200 Discount Card

DR Rescue Card

($200 Towards Recovery Services)

Customers that already purchased any Prosoft product will receive a $200 discount towards their data recovery services with The Data Rescue Center.

You must ship the following items to our headquarters:

  • The drive needing recovery service
  • Proof of purchase (UPC code, electronic receipt or order number if purchased directly from our website).

Attn: DR Rescue Card+
The Data Rescue Center
1599 Greenville Road
Livermore, CA 94550


You will receive a credit of $200 on your bill for successful data recovery services on your qualified drive*.

If The Data Rescue Center determines your drive is damaged beyond repair, you will receive a refund of only the purchase price of Data Rescue (Mac or PC) or Drive Genius 4 software. If you also bought a “Data Rescue Bootwell Drive”, you must return it to receive a refund on this part of your purchase. Each serial number is valid for only one credit/refund. Not to be combined with any other coupon code, discount, or promotion. Offer is valid for 90 days from original purchase date of Data Rescue (Mac or PC).

*How do I know if my drive qualifies?

Only damaged hard drives qualify. These are the only scenarios where Data Rescue (Mac or PC) cannot recover data. You will know if your drive is damaged if any of the following circumstances apply:

- Your drive does not appear within the Data Rescue Software

- Data Rescue presented a message indicating your drive is damaged

- Your drive is making unusual clicking or scratching noises

- Your drive is making no noise at all

What are successful data recovery services?

All data that is physically viable and accessible on your drive after repair. Even though your drive may have been repaired, you may not receive 100% percent of your data back depending on the condition of your drive. Some conditions where some data may not be recoverable are:

- The data resided on a portion of the drive that in inaccessible due to media damage (scratches on the drive surface)

- The data has been overwritten by new data (maliciously or due to user and/or computer error)

- The data has been encrypted and proper decryption keys and software have not been made available to The Data Rescue Center

Data recovery services consist of getting the user’s important, personal, unique information back. This includes documents, movies, music, etc. OS and applications are generally not recovered because they are easily (and most safely) replaced by reinstalling the original software. Your computer will have to be setup again from scratch with OS and applications, then your data can be moved over from the media that will be provided to you from the Data Rescue Center. The Data Rescue Center’s service does not include reinstalling OS and applications.