A recent article in Processor.com magazine revealed the top three causes for data disaster. The results were based on an Info-Tech survey and the statistics are quite interesting. Additionally, you can use this data when developing your personal or company’s data recovery plan. Here are the top three causes:

  1. The top issue was software failure, accounting for 24 percent of data disasters.
  2. Following closely behind at 21 percent was isolated hardware issues, such as drive failure.
  3. 19 percent of data disasters were caused by external network failures.

These three issues account for 63 percent of all data loss problems. This is not to discount other problems, such as power outages (18%), structural hazards (7%), and hazards to the company’s facility (5%). Even loss from natural disasters is relatively low, coming in at only 5% of all loss.

However, the main three causes of data loss should definitely be address in your disaster recovery plan. This is especially true of loss from software and hardware failures. Many of our posts have been concerned with logical drive failure (software) and physical drive failure (hardware). Our recovery engineers are extremely qualified to perform both PC and Mac data recovery in both of these scenarios.

Successful hard disk file recovery requires both trained engineers and specialized equipment. Here at The Data Rescue Center, we offer both to you should you suffer a data disaster. Not only that, but when your data is in our care you don’t have to worry. We use a state-of-the-art security system to ensure that your data is safe with us.