I’m noticing a lot of data recovery companies that are misleading their customers in a way that I think should be examined. Today we noticed one data recovery company do a press release about “Opening a New Office” for their data recovery services….This press release does a few good things for that company:

1) Get’s their name mentioned in the news, which is good for marketing and rankings in Google

2) Customers will think, “Wow, this company is large, they have a few locations around the country!”

3) Customers will also think, “Wow, this company must be successful since they have the money to open up locations all around the country.. They must be doing a great job!”–

How is the location not a "real data recovery location"

In reality, the company simply bought a virtual office / address. If you Google that address you’ll notice there might be a lawyer using that exact same address, as well as a financial planner, a plumber and a market research firm.. How is that possible? Well, because companies can buy “locations” nowadays.. It’s great if you’re working out of your home, as you can now have a more acceptable corporate address… These shared addresses usually have a single staff person at a desk who may be answering the phones for various businesses. Also, this person will likely forward any mail and shipments sent to this address, if the true home office is somewhere else.

Things to consider when choosing a data recovery company

The problem I have with this is that it truly is misleading– As a hard drive recovery company, we want to be as transparent as possible. We want our customers to know exactly who we are and what we do. We list our real address on our website. We post pictures of our facility on our website, and we give you details about our founders… You know who we are and we’re happy that way.

Some companies seem to be doing the opposite however.. They may really just be a small company working out of a garage somewhere. You can buy as many “locations” and “headquarters” addresses as you want.. You can then put standard, generic stock photos up and have a contact us chat or email that’s actually being handled in India.. A one-person company can really look much bigger, at a pretty low cost.. But it’s deceitful and that’s why I have a problem with it..

Know who hands your data is in

So why is it these companies do this? Because they usually want to hide something… If they are using these virtual offices, where on earth is your drive actually being sent to for recovery? Is it being sent overseas? As a hard drive recovery company, they’re going to have access to your financial files and passwords, personal photos and business documents. Do you really want to trust some company that pretends to have offices where they really don’t?

These companies are also trying to fool Google into thinking they have locations in your area, so that when you do a Google search, and Google shows you options in your area, they will show up.. when in reality, they only have a virtual office in your area.. They may be across the country or might even be overseas. Make sure you know where exactly their real home office is before you send a drive to them-