About Us

About Us

The Data Rescue Center was established in 2009 and specializes in professional and trusted data recovery for individuals and businesses. Our headquarters are shared with our parent company Prosoft Engineering, Inc., a software developer division that was established in 1985. With our state-of-the-art data recovery facility and our software engineering team, we can recover data from the most complex data loss scenarios as well as provide cost-effective pricing to our customers.

Our data recovery facility has over 2 million invested, and boasts an ISO 5 Class 100 Cleanroom, UL-Listed Class 2 Vault and extensive security 24 hours a day. Our employees have undergone extensive background checks to ensure that qualified, trustworthy engineers handle your data. We store your drive in a Class 2 vault for protection against theft and physical damage. All recovery services on performed at our headquarters and are never outsourced.

We also have a network of over 500 Authorized Data Rescue Center Partners located across the US that can provide you with the same level of service as our headquarters and free expedited shipping.

How do we do data recovery?

If you have a hard drive that has physically failed, we never recommend repairing it. When we perform the recovery on a hard drive, we repair it enough to get it back up to a working state to copy the data off to another drive. We perform this repair by using parts from our donor library that contains thousands of other hard drives. Some parts that may be needed to get the drive to work could be unique and expensive, plus after the repair is made another part could fail the following day. It is a much safer and cost-effective solution just to replace the entire hard drive with a new drive once the data has been recovered since hard drive prices are relatively inexpensive.

Company Background

The Data Rescue Center is a data recovery company founded in 2009 and a division of Prosoft Engineering Inc. The Data Rescue Center and Prosoft have a friendly and welcoming team of data recovery experts who have a wealth of experience to assist you with your precious and private data recovery needs.

Our founder, Greg Brewer, is well known in the mass storage industry as one of the pioneers in hard drive firmware, software utilities, device drivers and file systems. Through decades of consulting, Greg has gained unparalleled experience in magnetic media (rigid and flexible, fixed and removable) and optical media (read-only and read-write) low level format structures, command and control commands (standard and proprietary), and every means of transport (SCSI, ATA, ATAPI, SATA, USB, 1394, TCP/IP and Fiber Channel) to the host computer.

Since 1985, Greg has worked directly with most mass storage companies in a consulting capacity to bring technical expertise to varied product development teams to achieve timely releases of groundbreaking products time and time again. A few companies that benefited from Gregs experience over the years include Adaptec, Apple, Castlewood, Conner, iomega, Motorola, Oxford, Quantum, Ricoh, Seagate, Syquest, Toshiba, plus countless OEM drive resellers.

Highlighted achievements include developing first plug-and-play mass storage driver utility (sold to end users internationally as Drive7, later to be acquired by Apple as the basis for Mac OS mass storage support, DriveSetup). The first universal CD/DVD play and write drivers to support all media types (also sold to Apple as the basis for CD/R support in Mac OS and CD Writing in iTunes).

The first comprehensive diagnostic utilities for mass storage devices, the first universal driver based drive cache performance suite, the first universal drive partitioning application, the first driver based encryption suite for mass storage devices and the first universal driver that uses TCP/IP to share mass storage devices with other users in the workgroup (DriveShare). These projects (and countless others) provided Greg and Prosoft with well-rounded experience in single-logical-unit and all forms of RAID (both hardware and software) in direct and net-attached configurations. Few companies can match the breadth of knowledge that has been passed through the engineering ranks of Prosoft Engineering, Inc.

In parallel with pioneering work in the mass storage driver, utilities, and firmware arenas, Greg amassed tremendous experience in file systems through pioneering companies such as Apple (MFS, HFS, HFS+, DOS FAT, and NTFS), Sitka (Tops), and Novell (Netware). Highlighted achievements in this area include one of the first cross-platform external file system software to successfully allow Macs and PCs to share media (PC Exchange) and one of the most successful cross platform network operating systems to date. G Drive7, later to be acquired by Apple as the basis for Mac OS mass storage support, DriveSetup.

Data Rescue Software

Leveraging on our low level and file system experience, in the year 2000, Prosoft Engineering completed development of the most advanced and one of the most popular data recovery software suites developed to date, Data Rescue. Available for both Mac and PC in the retail channel and to professional data recovery organizations, Data Rescue remains one of the cornerstone software utilities used by data recovery professionals worldwide. In specialized form it is used within Prosoft’s very own data recovery business unit called The Data Rescue Center to give us a significant technical advantage over most data recovery organizations.

Prosoft Engineering is proud to continue to benefit from Greg’s experience in his role as CTO, and he continues to be hands-on with the engineering team as we continue to overcome new challenges daily.

Company Philosophy

Professional, Efficient and Trustworthy Service. We have successfully helped countless people with data and hardware problems over many years, feel free to read some of our latest client testimonials.


The Data Rescue Center provides professional service for all customers. We will not accept anything less than complete customer satisfaction.


We have many options based on your needs. Overnight service, local pickup, and delivery are just some of the options we offer.


With our great data recovery experts, we earn our customers’ trust each and every day. We pride ourselves on surpassing our customers’ expectations and offering a level of service that seems to have been lost by other companies.