Security Provided by a UL Listed, Class 2 Vault

Every aspect of the data recovery process is important to us at The Data Rescue Center. Our Class 100, ISO 5 cleanroom and trained, qualified technicians are just two parts of the entire package. While your data is in our care, we are especially concerned about its safety and security.

Identity theft and the theft of trade secrets is an ever-present online threat. However, the offline risk is just as prevalent and we take extensive measures to prevent the physical loss or theft of your data and equipment.

Your Data is Secured in a UL Listed Vault

Your data is not just stored on a shelf in a back room when it is not being processed. You have entrusted one of your most valuable possessions to us for recovery; therefore, we treat your data as if it were our own. In fact, when your data is in our hands it is probably in the safest place that it will ever reside. All of our clients’ hard drives and computer equipment are secured in a UL listed, Class 2 vault.

The Underwriters Laboratory is a non-profit testing company that verifies that various types of products meet or exceed the standards to which they are manufactured. While not a code enforcer or maker per se, they do work with the various standards organizations to test and verify product claims.

60-Minute Attack Protection

According to Underwriters Laboratory verification procedures, a Class 2 vault will withstand a 60-minute torch and tool attack. This attack rating exceeds all current insurance standards for vaults. The vault is built with high strength concrete core encased in formed steel panels. The concrete has a 14,000 pounds per square inch density.

The Class 2 UL listed vault door is configured to require two combinations, along with biometric security clearance. It also requires two people to open the vault. This is definitely not a closet or storeroom door. The vault is similar to a bank vault, but even more secure than most. Additionally, the vault can only be opened during designated periods that are dictated by a programmable time clock.

This is to ensure that the vault is not opened without proper authorization and only during working hours. The vault door is sealed by dual combination locks and a three-movement time lock and the full mechanism lock system is rated at two tons. Furthermore, the door is equipped with an emergency vault ventilator system. Your data remains protected all night long.

Access During Working Hours

However, security does not stop when the sun comes out. Access to the vault during working hours is controlled by a security day-gate. The day-gate features impact resistant acrylic panels in a solid stainless steel frame. The day-gate is secured with combination locks and a time lock as well.

Protection From Outside Attacks

For all recovery computers used at The Data Rescue Center, there are no network connections to “the outside world” to prevent hacker attacks and virus infiltration. The vault’s construction blocks radio, WIFI and other wireless signals, thereby eliminating attacks from outside the vault. The servers used in the recovery process are housed in the vault to prevent the possibility of tampering.

A Complete Security Package Ensures Data Safety

Our Class 2 vault, our 24/7 surveillance cameras, motion sensors and monitoring system provides excellent safety and security for you sensitive data while in our care. Additionally, strong security protocols further strengthen the security of our facility. It does not matter whether your data is family photos, financial information or company trade secrets. Your data will return to you restored and without tampering from outside sources.