The Data Rescue Center, based in Livermore, is a California data recovery service business. We would like you to stop for just a minute and take a mental inventory of the information that is stored on your computer. If you are a home user, you’ll probably have many digital photos of family, friends and special events. You might also have some personal financial information and family documents as well. If you are a business user, you obviously will have some sales and inventory records, contracts and other business financial records. Both users will have personally identifiable information that can be used in identity theft.

No one wants to suffer computer data loss; unfortunately, the statistics show that all of us will probably suffer some form of loss eventually. Furthermore, some forms of hard drive recovery require the services of a professional recovery lab. When that happens, all of our important information is suddenly in the hands of someone else. The question is who you will trust to recover your personal files.

You need to find someone who takes the security and safety of your vital information seriously. Here at The Data Rescue Center, we are serious about security. We run an extensive background check on anyone who wants to be employed here. Additionally, all of our employees must wear security badges to gain access to the various areas of our facility. The more critical the area is, the higher the security clearance the employee must have.

Our facility is guarded by a 24/7 security camera system with more than 24 RGB cameras and 24 motion sensors. When your hard drive is not being serviced, it is stored in a UL listed class 2 vault. These security measures are costly; however, they are vital to keeping your personal information safe and secure while it is in our hands for data recovery.