Hard drive failure can occur on any computer and the results can be devastating. Irreplaceable date might be lost from a failure. Read this data recovery information and use it to protect yourself from a hard drive failure. Hard drives fail for several reasons:

· Mechanical failure of the recording heads from wear or physical abuse · Electronic failure, possibly by voltage spikes or overheating · Logic failures, caused by data corruption, improper registry changes, or accidental drive formatting

To prevent hard drive failures, the user should take precautions: do not jar the drive while in use; keep internal components clean; use surge suppression for voltage spikes; and keep antivirus protection updated to prevent data corruption.

Disk file recovery can be accomplished in many cases of failure. The process should be carried out by trained technicians as this procedure is very exacting. There are steps that can be taken, however, that will assist the user if hard drive crash recovery is necessary. Backing up important files is important to both home users and business professionals. There are several options:

· Backup files to optical media, such as CDs or DVDs · Backup to an external hard drive, which is much easier to access and will hold more data · Backup files to an online service; the files will be accessible from any computer

Back up is usually performed on irreplaceable data only. It is possible, however, to use disk imaging software, some of which enables installation of the entire system to a new drive.