At first glance, it would seem that recovering missing data is expensive. The price tag for recovery can be several hundreds of dollars. Understanding what is involved in data recovery, however, will help to determine if the data is worth the cost. After all, the cost of not having the data recovered could far outweigh the expense.

What It Takes to Recover Lost Data

What is required to recover data depends primarily on the reason that the files are gone. In cases of accidental deletion, the process could be a simple as running an undelete program. This can sometimes be done by the consumer; however, if this is not done properly further damage could occur. Contact a professional, like the data recovery experts at The Data Rescue Center, to find out if this is an option.

If a software solution is not possible, the drive must be physically repaired. This is not a job, however, for the resident geek at your company. Disassembly and repair of a drive is an exacting process and must be done in a certified and maintained clean room to ensure no further damage is incurred. The parts used to repair the drive must be an exact fit for that particular drive, which adds to the expense. The technician must be trained and certified for the work.

You should check out the hard drive crash recovery company thoroughly. The Data Rescue Center is typically 30 to 40% cheaper than its competitors, but still maintains the quality of service that your data demands.