Windows Data Recovery

When you have a Windows computer, you will see it allows you to do many things. You can browse the Internet, store images and videos, and have all your personal data on your computer. It is great knowing you have one device that can store all of these items but having these features may lead to the need for Windows Data Recovery.

If you’re using Windows, your hard drive is most likely formatted using the standard file system NTFS. The NTFS file system was created by Microsoft and released in 1993 under Windows NT 3.1 to replace its previous file system called FAT32 (introduced under Windows 95 OSR2).

Even though NTFS is a much more stable and robust file system than it’s predecessor, it is still susceptible to file corruption and data loss. In scenarios where files have become lost or corrupted it becomes necessary to use NTFS file recovery software to extract the needed data. Using Prosoft Engineering’s Software, Data Rescue PC may be able to assist with your data recovery needs.

In situations where you experience a physical failure, The Data Rescue Center is fully capable and versed in dealing with an NTFS recovery. The Data Rescue Center can recover from any and all Windows Operating Systems, as well as all current hard drives in use and a majority of the Legacy hard drives.

The Data Rescue Center has all the needed tools and equipment to perform Windows Data Recovery situations. Whatever the case may be, your Windows computer is in excellent hands with The Data Rescue Center team of experts.

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