How to Wipe a Hard Drive

When a file is deleted, its location on the hard drive is allocated as free space. Until new data has been written to the drive overwriting this file, software utilities like Prosoft Engineering’s Data Rescue can find fragments of the file in the free space on the drive and reconstruct it.

When selling or donating a computer, or disposing of a storage device like a hard drive, it is important to make sure no sensitive files remain on the drive. Sensitive data would include passwords and login information, financial documents, and even personal pictures. To prevent others from being able to access that data, secure erase software should be used to overwrite the entire drive.


CleanExit from Prosoft Engineering is a powerful tool for secure erasing a Mac or Windows computer system. CleanExit is not an application that can be installed onto a system, but it can be burned or purchased on a CD. Booting CleanExit from this CD will allow you to secure erase the computer, overwriting and making all the data unrecoverable. A more advanced version, CleanExitPlus, will securely erase every storage device connected to the system.>

MediaTools Wipe

For a professional, secure erase utility MediaTools Wipe is the ideal solution. This secure erase software can be installed directly onto a Windows based computer, and focuses on using the full capabilities of the system to wipe data as quickly as possible. MediaTools Wipe can be used to wipe simultaneously up to 18 drives at a time. The user can select any pattern to overwrite previous data patterns, and can verify the wipe by comparing to the set pattern. A highly popular feature for professional users is that after every wipe operation has completed successfully, a detailed Certificate of Secure Erase is available for printing.

To download and try the software for free, please visit Prosoft Engineering, Inc.